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Welcome to the Shirt With Humor website

Everybody wears shirts, so to stand out you´ll have to be original. Preferable with some humor, so that you magically create a smile on the faces of the people around you. Your day, and that of your friends, gets beautiful. Shirt With Humor gladly helps you to find a funny, crazy and original t-shirt for a great price.

All shirts and articles on, are designed by Marco Tibben.

Shirts and designs you can find here

moodshirts (show how you feel), cartoon, comics, ´hup holland´, ´as a finishing touch god created the Dutch´, pirate, ´rudolf the rednose reindeer´, christmas balls, ´flying flies´, sheep, ´shaun the sheep´, ´getting up is what it comes down to´, ´this shirt sucks´, maggerydoo, and much more!

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Found nothing?

You saw a nice design, but would love it on another piece of clothing? Or do you have a nice design idea that you want to see on a shirt? Let me know, then I can design it for you... Is it an idea that´s not personal, but also nice for other visitors to the shop, then the designing is for free!


Do read the care instructions on the packaging carefully! Wash shirts with designs insideout (or outsidein) and not hotter than 30 degrees Celcius, otherwise the designs won´t last as long as they should.

Dress size

Sizes of different manufacturers can always differ... Therefor it´s advised to check out the sizetable next to the choice of size on a product page.

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